To All Our Friends and Family,

Thank you for visiting our donation page.  We decided to dedicate our wedding registry to making a difference in our adopted hometown of Recife.  Below are two very different, but equally special organizations we would like to ask your help in assisting. Both organizations are extremely reputable, and our donations will go a long way in helping make an impact!

Fundação Altino Ventura ( -  Recife is at the epicentre of the Zika virus outbreak that has been linked to microcephaly, a serious neurological condition.  Many of the families affected by microcephaly live in poor communities (favelas). Fundação Altino Ventura is a philanthropic hospital that provides medical care to low-income infants and kids, with an emphasis on eye care.  One of the primary impacts of microcephaly is reduced eyesight and potential blindness, which has serious implications on neurological development; however, if diagnosed and treated early enough, many of these babies have a fighting chance at a healthy life.  By providing eyeglasses, home therapy kits, and physical therapy, the hospital has seen significant improvement in their patients. Unfortunately Fundação Altino Ventura is underfunded and can only provide services to so many children.  We spent an evening meeting some of the amazing people that make up the Fundação Altino Ventura.  From the founder Liana, who has helped these families for over 30 years, to the resident ophthalmologists from all over Brazil, to the families who travel many hours to get assistance - it is impossible to leave this organization and not feel inspired!  Everyone just wants the best for the babies, so please join us in helping.

Cores Do Amanhã  ( are a fact of life here in Brazil.  Many kids will grow up and live their whole lives in a favela, and the community of Toto is one of the most in need in Recife.  Toto is next to a large prison - a constant reminder of the stark future many of these kids face.  With few opportunities for extracurricular activities, many kids who grow up in this favela join gangs and turn to a life of crime.  Cores do Amanhã  is a non-profit that provides a safe place for kids from Toto to learn, play, and be creative around positive adults who come to teach, coach, and interact with kids completely pro-bono.  From painting street art to learning martial arts, capoeira, drums or breakdancing, we saw first hand how happy and engaged each one of the kids were while they were at Cores do Amanhã.  Still, the organization is in desperate need of supplies and basic necessities.  Instruments need to be fixed or replaced, paint supplies are sparse, and kids have to share martial arts uniforms.  Cores do Amanhã does so much with so little, so our donations will go a long way! Please help us make a big impact for those who expect so little.  

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